cath-ducnan-mam-social-worker-artistI’m a visual artist inspired by movement and light, both the literal light in the natural world that surrounds us and the metaphorical light in our inner worlds.

In several of my collections of paintings, I’ve aimed to capture how movement and light collaborate to bring drama to the sky, change the colours of foliage or blossoms, create shadow shapes across paths, and make patterned reflections in water.

In my more abstract work, I see movement and light as metaphors for resilience and healing, and I’m exploring how we stay connected to trust, play, sensory pleasure, and wholeheartedness when life is full of uncertainty, vulnerability, and loss.

Positioned at the intersection of literal and metaphorical light is my Wandelen collection of abstract landscape paintings, inspired by my daily walks in Maxima Park. One of the delightful changes that light creates is contrast – the theme of this collection. Connecting to the beauty of contrast in nature helps me to appreciate the beauty in the many contrasts I find within my own inner nature and across life’s worst and best experiences.

Given my experiences of being visually-impaired, hearing-impaired, and a transplant recipient, adoptive mother, and specialist in grief support therapy, I deeply resonate with the metaphors invoked by layered paint processes. For me these are metaphors about creating something beautiful through an improvised process of embracing ambiguity and complexity, learning through doing, discovering the happy surprises in the unpredictable and uncontrollable “messes”, enjoying the intimacy of sharing little glimpses of underlying stories, appreciating the value of contrast, and following what delights my senses.

Wondering how my visual impairment affects my art-making? Here’s how.

You can see available original artworks here, find out how to commission a meaningful custom artwork for yourself, or order fine art prints and home decor products here.

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